new  ring twisting machine

    Sintered Ring    


  Sintered rings are unique self-lubricating rails
  for high speed rotating travelers to wind
  diverse yarn on bobbins for spinning and

  Those are made proprietary Powder   Metallurgical technology to guarantee an
  excellent quality and a highly efficient
  production of yarn.

  • Strong cohesive force of sintered particles.
  • Critically controlled heat treatment.
  • Critically controlled polishing and pore-opening treatment.

This new style Ring Twisting machine has high productive capacity and efficiency which result from the
continuous research & development, supplements for the quality improvement through our new technology.

  KEY FEATURES                                                                                              machine photo

  High production
  No waste

  Low noise level

  Rugged and simplified design
  Low power consumption

  Easy of maintenance


Rope making machine specifications
PP Danline Extruder system specification

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