Our subsidiary companies, in the machinery manufacturer of complete installations for the production of ropes and twines of any size from all synthetic fibers and used for every industrial end-use, rope making, packing and agricultural twines, building, etc. We manufacture also the range of extrusion lines for PP Danline, PE mono-filaments.

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 Rope Making Machine


The SR Models are combined strander and rope layer producing finished rope from natural and synthetic fiber yarns in one continuous operation.

The construction principle allows the production of any required length of finished rope.

SR Models are available in two versions:
SR/3 for production of 3 strand and
SR/4 for production of 3 and 4 strand ropes

  Ring Twisting Machine 

  Rope Making Machine

  Dual Strander

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Please advise the following:
Detailed specifications of the resin material to be used (quality, manufacturer, etc.)
Range of deniers to be produced and end-use of the finished product.
Production capability required for each denier range.
Electrical power source, specifications, water volume, available average water temperature, humidity, etc.

  • Two rope lays per revolution
  • External take-up, on coils, reels, hanks or loose in cans/boxes
  • Low weight of rotating parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise level
  • Rugged and simplified design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Production of any required length possible
  • In-line treatment of rope, such as shearing, singeing, greasing and heat setting possible

    Extruder Line

      PP Danline Extruding system

We are steadily advancing with a view to the future, rational design based on continuous research and development and actual field results.

                                PP Danline Extruder No.1 Roller          


 Rope making machine specifications



    PP Danline Type Extrusion Line

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